We raise and breed a couple of breeds and crosses of meat rabbits.
Whether they are destined for the freezer or just pleasant and cute pets, rabbits are a great addition to the yard.
Our rabbits are pasture raised, meaning we keep our rabbits in a 4 x 8 foot pen without a floor which we move daily on to fresh pasture.
No manure build-up, a freshly fertilized pasture and healthy rabbits. It's a win on every level.
We have New Zealands, some Flemish Giants and crosses between the two. We also have New Zealand / Californian crosses and Flemish / Lop crosses.
Rabbit meat is one of the highest sources of protein available in a meat. Not to mention, there is almost no fat and has great flavor.
With some basic knowledge, skins and furs can be made into various usable household projects also.
A few does and a buck can keep an average family in meat all year.
After all, they breed like rabbits!