Pigs are one of our favorite animals around the yard.
Our experience with pigs has been nothing but positive. The friendly animals are walking compost pails who taste great.
Fed a simple diet based on barley, grass, scraps, hay and about anything else - these guys eat it all. Then they till the ground, leave very fertile manure and eliminate any weeds while they are doing it.
Pigs are a gardeners best friend.
We enjoy commercial and heritage breeds of pigs. Among the breeds we have or have had have been Yorkshires, Berkshires, Duroc X's, Landrace X's, Large Black, New Hampshire / Tamworth X and a Hereford / Large Black X.
Each of the breeds have brought something new to the table and offered something a little unique. Hard to say if we have a favorite right now, but we are very bias about our heritage pigs.
As with all our animals raised for meat, we do our own butchering. The pigs have proven to be a great return with a result that is absolutely great.