In addition to chickens, we have had geese (no longer), ducks and have turkeys.
None of us were expecting to like turkeys as much as we do. Ugly becomes elegant and the weird gooble-gooble becomes a welcome back-ground noise.
As with most of the other animals we have, we started with commercial white birds. They are and did exactly what was promised. Fast growth and the carcass we had grown accustomed to. But after trying our first heritage birds, the commericals just won't cut it.
Our first heritage breed was the Ridly Bronze. A very traditional looking bird, they were a pleasure to raise, beautiful to watch and even better on the table.
Despite rumors, turkeys are no dummies. They are easy to keep, easy to feed and contain. I am amazed at how cold-hardy these birds are. considering they have no insulation on the head or neck, they are active and outside ALL year, choosing the yard over the barn in the coldest of weather with no ill-effects.
No more commercials around here. The flavor and beauty of the heritage birds spoiled us.
We currently have Ridley Bronzes (can't not have them now), Bourbon Reds, Eastern Wilds, Merriam Wilds and Calico's.

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